Pisces A and B: Dwarf Galaxies with Young Stars

Note the blue colors of Pisces A and B
Pisces A and Pisces B as seen by Hubble Telescope; Image credit: NASA / ESA / E. Tollerud (STScI)

The galaxies Pisces A and B are dwarf (very small) galaxies outside of our Local Group, but relatively nearby. Note their blue colors, indicating recent young star formation. The Local Group includes Andromeda, the Milky Way and another 50 or so smaller galaxies.

These two dwarfs are in a region of low density at the edge of the Local Void, an area with few galaxies. It appears they have recently moved out of the Local Void into a higher-density region. Their evolution and star formation may have sped up as this occurred.

Pisces A is nearer, around 18 million light-years away, and B is at 29 million light-years distance. Their masses are approximately 10 million and 30 million solar masses, respectively. By comparison, our Milky Way’s mass is 30 to 100 times larger.


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